Our mission is to make the promises of blockchain and decentralization a reality by bringing usability to Web3.

Our tools empower devs to build an intuitive Web3 experience into familiar interfaces.

We want to give everyone, not just coders, access to build applications using blockchain technology.
We believe that community is humanity's greatest strength, and in the power of community-driven development.
Community Empowerment
Crypto is well-known for the many scams involved in Initial Coin Offerings of 2017. We want to change that by promoting transparent and accountable fund management.
We value shipping speed and rapid iterations. No-code templates are the best way to effectively ship useful web3 products.
Efficiency and Speed
We believe that great tech should be available and accessible to all, not just genius coders.
We belive in a positive sum world, where all parties benefit together through their collaborations. We aim to empower positive sum games and relationships. Let's turn zero-sum thinking into a win-win mentality!
Positive Sum
Without trust in the system, collaboration doesn't work. We iterate with battle tested and audited code to ensure security and reliabily.
James Young
Core Team
Previously built FarmVille, Spankchain, Moloch, and Metacartel.
James Duncan
Previously built the Ethereum Foundation grants program.
Eric Chung
Previously built DApperNetwork and LA Blockchain Lab. Teaching Blockchain Entrepreneurship at USC.

Jonathan Dunlap
Previously at Adobe R&D and Flash Runtime teams, founder of New Dialogue Foundation.
Alok Tiwari
Previously built GlobalLogic (Cisco), 1Up Casino (Koolbit), and Winistry VR.
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