Empowering Teams
and Communities to
A technology stack to build and manage
decentralized projects. No coding required.
What is it?
What does it do?
Who is it for?
The platform allows you to build applications or projects using blockchain and crypto.

Groups can communicate, make group decisions, and manage their resources (money) within Whatsapp, Telegram or any messenger platform.
Abridged is for creators, developers, and organizations.

Non-technical creators can use our no-code platform to build blockchain apps with the drag-and-drop interface.

Developers and organizations can build advanced applications with the Abridged SDK.
It's a user-friendly blockchain application development platform that allows you to easily build decentralized projects without ever needing to code.
Key features
Use a visual drag-and-drop interface to create crypto apps without coding.
Available for everyone,
communities and entrepreneurs.
No code required!
Feeless Systems
Bring blockchain to your users' mobile phone without downloading extra software.
Build and integrate across any smart contract or Web2 API.
Deep Integrations
Provide a fast user experience
free of network delays.
Instant Transactions
Customize key-management and utilize familiar OAuth login.
Contract Wallet


Collab.Land formed in May 2020 as a consumer-facing side of Abridged. Since launch the platform has created membership systems for over 30,000 Discord and Telegram communities!

Join us in the future of Web3 development!
Programmatically manage community funds, decisions, and operations. No code required.